1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Keyless Entry Remote

1996 was a split year for keyless entry systems on Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles.

At the beginning of the model year, Grand Cherokees used a keyless entry system with infrared signal transmission. The remote for this system is a 2-button keyfob. The expensive Jeep (Chrysler) replacement remote is Remotes Unlimited part 659-1659 (link), but a less expensive replacement keyfob is also offered. Both of these replacement remotes are user programmable.

Later in the 1996 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee switched to systems with radio signal transmission. These systems used a 3-button remote control. The Remotes Unlimited part number for this keyfob is 362-1362 (link). Again, Remotes Unlimited offers both the Jeep (Chrysler) part and a less expensive alternative aftermarket remote. Unfortunately, these systems are not user programmable. They require an expensive computer “scan tool” for programming, so adding a new remote requires that you take your vehicle and all remotes to be used with it to a Jeep or Chrysler dealership for programming.

In case you are wondering, Jeep Cherokee vehicles only used one system during the 1996 model year. These vehicles used the infrared system with the 2-button keyfob (link).

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12 Responses to 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Keyless Entry Remote

  1. Cindy newey says:

    Looking for a remote for my 1996 cheep Cherokee help am desperate

    • admin says:

      Remotes Unlimited does offer a replacement remote for 1996 Jeep Cherokee vehicles that were equipped with factory keyless entry. It is a 2-button infra-red remote with our part number 083-6005. See it at this link. This remote looks slightly different but will work just the same as the original remote. The remote can be programmed by the user, so you will not need any dealer assistance.

  2. Cate Mcfarlane says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help. I was wondering if i took the keyless remote apart would i have to program it? I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee 3 button fob part #36008762. I thought i would clean contacts and change batteries before paying for a new one as the lock button works but the unlock button takes time to work and if i cant unlock it then the immobilizer does not let me start the car.

    • admin says:

      Taking the remote apart and cleaning it should in no way affect programming. It is possible that cleaning it will help. You should also try a new battery if you have not already done that. If neither of these works, then the button contact or circuitry could be damaged and you would need a new remote. By the way, we have no reference for the Chrysler part number you provided. Are you sure it is not 56008762?
      Our part number that matches Chrysler part number 56008762 is 362-1362. See it at the following link:
      While we don’t sell them on our website, we probably have a B grade (used) remote in stock for 362-1362 as well.

  3. Jen Martin says:

    I just got a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The seller did not have the keyless entry FOB, but I’d like to have it, especially to turn off the alarm. How do I know which FOB to get? I don’t know if the Jeep was made early in 1996 or later that year. I’m trying to avoid going to the dealer.

    • admin says:

      I recommend that you call a dealer, ask for the parts department, give them your VIN, and ask them for the part number you need and their availability and cost. Once you have the Jeep part number, you should be able to find the replacement remote by searching for that part number.
      Also, there should be a sticker on your vehicle, usually in the door jamb, that shows the production date of the vehicle. It may just have date and year, but that is usually enough information.

  4. Adrian Ruiz says:

    Hi I recently bought a Jeep Cherokee xj 1996 and i’am looking for a set of key less
    Entry remote to suit ,it does not have to be original
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      1996 Jeep Cherokee vehicles use an infra-red remote transmitter. We have two replacement options for you. One is a gently used (B-grade) Jeep original equipment part. Our price for that part is $79.00. (This part is not currently offered on our website, so if you are interested in a B-grade OE part, please call our office at 281-820-0300 and choose option 2 for sales.) We also stock a new aftermarket replacement part for the 1996 Cherokee, which we sell for $119.00. It is our part number 083-6005. You can see and buy this part on our website at the following link: RUI part 083-6005. Your vehicle is user programmable, so you will be able to program it yourself to accept the new transmitter.

  5. Wayne Smith says:

    Hi i am looking for the remote fob for my 1996 jeep

    • admin says:

      What’s the model? The best way to determine the correct replacement remote is from information on your original remote. Did your original remote have an FCC ID on the back?

  6. Martin says:


    I have Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996. And I do not have the original remote control, does the dealer have to decode a new remote control? Thank you for answer.

    • admin says:

      Sorry not to have responded sooner. Jeep used two different factory keyless entry systems on 1996 Grand Cherokee vehicles. The most common one uses infra-red technology and that system is user-programmable. The other one uses radio-frequency transmission and that system requires dealer programming with a scan tool if you do not have a remote that already works with the system. If you would like to send us your complete VIN, we can tell you which system is installed in your vehicle.

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