1998-2002 Honda Passport Remote

We recently received an inquiry asking why is it so hard to find replacement factory keyless entry remotes for a 1998-2002 Honda Passport. That keyfob remote is made by Denso. Honda’s part number for the remote is 8-97149-392-0.

The reason it is hard to find this part is that Honda has discontinued it. If your reaction is surprise, that is what it should be. Very few factory keyless entry parts for vehicles sold in North America over the past two decades have been discontinued. The reason this one has been discontinued is because it was originally sourced through Isuzu and Isuzu has since left the market. (For those of you who are trivia buffs, the Isuzu part number for the equivalent part was 8-97309-760-0.) Isuzu used this remote on several vehicles, including the Rodeo.

The part can still be found in pockets of inventory here and there. Remotes Unlimited has managed to maintain a stock of this part up until recently. We hope to restock soon, but there is no guarantee we will have the part when you need it because, after all, it has been discontinued.

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2 Responses to 1998-2002 Honda Passport Remote

  1. Steve Roy says:

    Just wanted to see if you have an Isuzu Rodeo, year 2000, remote alarm. Per your memo above the part number is 8-97309-760-0.

    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Keyless entry remote transmitters for the 2000 Isuzu Rodeo have been out of production for several years now. We occasionally come across a used one that we test and sell as a B-grade remote. If we have one, are you interested in it? If so, please call us at 877-719-1900, option 1. Mention that you are specifically looking for a B-grade one because you know the original part is no longer made. 2000 Rodeos are user programmable, which is a good thing because it is becoming very difficult to find someone who can program Isuzu vehicles that require a scan tool.

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