2001 Nissan Xterra Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Transmitter

A reader contacted us to ask what remote key fob is needed for his 2001 Xterra. Our response follows:

The original factory keyless entry keyfob used on 2001 Xterra vehicles is a remote transmitter with Nissan part number 28268-7Z460 — Remotes Unlimited part 501-1501. This part has a dealer list price of $123.92. However, it can be replaced by a newer part that is much less expensive, so we offer the better-value transmitter. That is our part 503-1503, which sells for $60.00. It looks different but works just like the older remote. You can see both parts at the following link:
2001 Nissan Xterra Remote Keyfob

So, you would need to buy our part 503-1503. Nissan factory keyless entry systems that use this remote are user programmable. Programming instructions come with the part and you also receive free phone technical support.

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