2004-2006 Nissan Sentra Keyless Entry Remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U429

Nissan has been fairly logical about the usage of its keyless entry transmitters. However, there is one situation that confuses our competitors and consumers alike. Nissan used an iconic 4-button keyfob on nearly all Nissan and Infiniti sedans during the middle of the last decade. (Usually, it had FCC ID KBRASTU15 on the back of the case.) However, for the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Nissan Sentra, the keyless entry remote used has FCC ID CWTWB1U429. It is Nissan part number 28268-6Z700 (formerly 28268-6Z600). What is confusing is that this remote looks exactly like the 4-button KBRASTU15 remote, but the two are not interchangeable. So, if you are buying a replacement car remote for a 2004-06 Sentra, be sure you get the correct part.

Link to 2004-06 Nissan Sentra keyless entry remote.

This application is user programmable.

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10 Responses to 2004-2006 Nissan Sentra Keyless Entry Remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U429

  1. Thenmozhi says:

    Do we have any possibility to set remote key for nissan 2004 sentra

    • admin says:

      2004 Nissan Sentra vehicles sold in North America use Remotes Unlimited part 800-1800, a 4-button remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U429. We do have this remote in stock. See and purchase it at the following link:
      2004 Nissan Sentra remote

      This remote is user programmable. Please note that this remote is not compatible with identical looking remotes that have a different FCC ID number.

  2. Jasdeep says:

    I recently got a Nissan Sentra 2004, but the previous owner didn’t had remote control. how do i find whats the part number or FCC ID for my car? and if the one i buy would be compatible or not? Is there any way to find and identify correct part number for sure?

    • admin says:

      The correct factory keyless entry remote for a 2004 Sentra is our part 800-1800, shown at the following link:
      2004 Nissan Sentra remote

      However, not all 2004 Sentra sedans were equipped with factory keyless entry, so before you buy a replacement remote, you should confirm that there is a factory keyless entry system installed on the vehicle. You can call a Nissan dealer, give them your VIN, and they can tell you. Or, if you send us your VIN we can check for you.

      Please note that there is a very common Nissan remote that looks exactly like the one you need and which is sold in many auto part stores. However, that part will not work on your 2004 Sentra.

      If your vehicle does have factory keyless entry and you do buy a remote for it, you will be able to program the system yourself to accept the new remote. Remotes Unlimited provides free programming instructions and technical support with part purchase.

  3. Eleazar Garza says:

    There is a case only for part 800-1800, a 4-button remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U429?

    • admin says:

      We do not have a replacement case that fits Sentra part 800-1800 with FCC ID CWTWB1U429. However, we do have gently used B-grade parts that are in good condition. I will send a separate response to your email address regarding a special offer for you.

  4. Manuel Reyna says:

    Can you tell me if my Sentra can use a remote keyless entry.
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    • admin says:

      The correct replacement remote for your 2004 Sentra is our part 800-1800, which you can see and purchase at the following link:
      2004 Nissan Sentra remote

      The keyless entry system in your vehicle can be programmed by a user to accept a new remote. Programming instructions and free phone tech support are included with purchase.

  5. Michael says:

    I have a 2006 Nissan sentra and I wanted to know if that came with a remote or not. if so what is the part number and is there a way to tell if my car came with a remote?

    • admin says:

      If you have not already answered your question elsewhere, here is what I think you need to know:
      1. Not all 2006 Sentra vehicles had a factory keyless entry system as standard equipment. If you have never had a working remote for the vehicle, the best way to find out for certain is by checking the VIN. You can do that at a Nissan dealership or you can call us at 281-820-0300, option 1 (M-F 8am-6pm) and give us the VIN to check.
      2. If you acquired the Sentra from a previous owner, be aware that they may have installed an add-on keyless entry, alarm or remote start system to the vehicle. If that is so, your vehicle may have been modified such that the original factory system (if there was one) no longer operates. You can call us if you would like us to tell you how to locate the control module of an add-on system in your vehicle.
      3. If your Sentra does have a factory keyless entry system in it and no add-on system was installed in it, then the correct Nissan remote keyfob for your system is Remotes Unlimited part 800-1800. You can see and buy it at the following link:
      You may not want to spend the money for a new transmitter on a car of this age. If so, please note that we also sell pre-owned remotes for your 2006 Sentra. To get a price quote on a pre-owned part, you will need to call us.
      This system is user programmable. Self-programming instructions and free technical support come with the purchased part.

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