2014-15 Kia Optima Flip-Key Transmitter 95430-2T550/95430-2T560 with FCC ID NYODD4TX1306-TFL

2014-15 Optima vehicles could have either a key-operated ignition or push-button start. Vehicles with a keyed ignition use a flip key remote with Kia part number 95430-2T550 or 95430-2T560. This is Remotes Unlimited part 086-6594. See this keyfob at the following link:
Remotes Unlimited part 086-6594 for 2014-15 Kia Optima

At the time of this post, we have both new and pre-owned remotes in stock. As you can see from the part listing on our website, we currently offer new key fobs for $129.00. Our price for a good-condition pre-owned part is $49. Pre-owned transmitters are cleaned, tested and given a new battery. Pre-owned remotes for 2014-15 Optimas cannot be purchased on the website at this time, but you can place an order through our call center if you like. You can reach us at 281-820-0300 (or toll-free in the US at 877-719-1900). Press 2 for sales when the automated attendant answers.

In order for a transmitter to work with the system in your vehicle, programming with a computer “scan” tool is required. Both Kia dealers and automotive locksmiths should have this tool and be able to program your new remote. They do charge for this service. We recommend calling a few service providers to compare pricing because some charge an exorbitant fee for this service.

We sell the transmitters without a replacement key blade because most people are able to transfer the cut blade from their old remote. However, we also have a replacement uncut key blade available for this part – part number KBI-086-09. Please call us and speak with a sales associate if you would like to purchase an uncut blade. To get a new blade cut for your vehicle, the dealer or locksmith programming the transmitter should also be able to provide key cutting service (again, for a fee). If you are planning to transfer a pre-cut blade, we recommend that you contact our tech support experts for a description of that process and the tools you may need.

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