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Our friend (and sometimes competitor), Jack Lombardi, asked us to post this article and we agree:

New keyless remotes – why it’s better to buy new?
Buying the keyless remotes is a very tricky task. With the advancements in the technology, a variety of keyless remotes are available in the market that it becomes difficult to make your choice. Nowadays most of the websites provide the discounted replacement facility through which you can bring your old keyless remote and get it exchanged. This is quite a good option and affordable too. But still most of the people rely on the new keyless remotes that come with a one year warranty thus adding to the durability of the device. There are lots of other features that make the new keyless remotes as the premiere selection.

Keyless entry remotes for all vehicle brands
No matter what type of vehicle you have, the keyless remotes are an ideal option to enhance the security of both the cars and the trucks. The new remote gives you the benefit that it is durable and has better features which are very important to accomplish the security requirements. The New Replacement keyless remotes provided by us are for the following vehicle manufacturers that include Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford and many more. The devices are available for all the brands so you can make the choice accordingly.

Free technical support
The benefit of buying a new device is that you will receive free technical support services as well. If you are unable to install the device or encounter any problem, you are free to call the customer care staff and they will assist you in the right way. No charges have to be paid for this support and you can call them at any time. Hence free technical support is the biggest advantage that you can enjoy with the new keyless remotes.

Reasonably priced
Most of the people have a view that the new keyless remotes will have a high cost but this is not the case. The devices are available in a wide range; therefore as per your budget and needs you can choose the right keyless remote which is ideal for you. In this way you will be able to find a good device which is not only affordable but fulfills the purpose as well.
So whenever you plan to buy a keyless remote for yourself, make sure that you go for the new one which is a better choice. It provides excellent security and can be used either in cars or trucks depending on the vehicle you have.

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