Acura MDX Keyless Entry Remote Part Number 72147-S3V-A01 / 72147-S3V-A02

Acura has many vehicles which offered seat memory. On most of them, in addition to replacement remotes with a fob number embossed on the back, Acura also offers a replacement keyfob with no fob number on the back. All of these keyless entry remotes are interchangeable . . . the fob number is merely a cosmetic feature of the case to help drivers know which keyfob they have, which is convenient if the driver seat memory is set for two different driver positions.

For instance, from 2001-06, Acura MDX offered seat memory but also sold models without seat memory. The replacement keyfob without a fob number had Acura part number 72147-S3V-A01 or 72147-S3V-A02, which is RUI part 082-6125. Remotes Unlimited offers this remote and the seat memory keyfobs.

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