Aftermarket Alarm Remotes with FCC ID ELV777K

We recently received an inquiry from a customer asking about a replacement for his Magnadyne remote that has FCC ID ELV777K on the back. ELV777K is one of those FCC IDs that appeared on several aftermarket alarm remote transmitters that had different circuit boards inside them and transmitted different electronic signals. Most of the original parts were branded “Carbine”, “Magnadyne” or had no brand logo on the case. Because of the different internal circuit boards, we needed more information about the customer’s original remote.

All of the 1-button versions carrying FCC ID ELV777K used the same internal technology. That part has been discontinued but there is a 2-button replacement remote available that will work in its place.

There are three different technologies used in ELV777K remotes that originally had 2 buttons. In order to determine which replacement remote is correct for these original keyfobs, RUI needs to know the circuit board number of the original remote. Then we can determine which replacement keyfob will work for a customer.

One other possible point of confusion about replacing ELV777K transmitters is that the available replacement remote often has an entirely different FCC ID!

This kind of situation is not that unusual for older aftermarket alarm system remotes. While replacing such parts can be a little more complicated than replacing a 3-button remote for a Ford F-150 truck, the good news is that there are still replacement remotes available.

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7 Responses to Aftermarket Alarm Remotes with FCC ID ELV777K

  1. admin says:

    Thank you for the comment.

    You may want to see another blog entry that relates to automotive remote transmitters for Audiovox Prestige and Pursuit alarm systems that also have an FCC ID beginning with ELV. See it at this link:
    Audiovox remotes with FCC ID ELV…

  2. Pedro says:

    Hi, I am looking for a remote controls, the case show this number ELV777K , futher information I will done on response
    Kind Regards

    • admin says:

      Remotes with FCC ID ELV777K could have any of several different circuit boards inside. In order to know the correct replacement part, Remotes Unlimited needs to know what that circuit board number is and how many buttons are on the original remote. Most of the circuit board numbers have 4 characters. They typically are “777” followed by a letter or “MT” followed by 2 more characters. If you know this information, we should be able to determine the part you need.

  3. GEORGE DURZO says:

    I need a remote replacement and the circuit board has Ao2 0213 and Atoa on it.

    • Anna Stene says:

      Hello George,
      Do you have the FCC ID on the back of the remote? Is it a factory or aftermarket system? Year, Make and Model of the vehicle? If it’s aftermarket, we would need to know the brand and the model of the system that is installed on the vehicle.
      We hope to be able to help you find the right product.

  4. remote will lock and un lock truck 1995dodge decoda truck
    but when the laram goes off i can not turn it off

    • Anna Stene says:

      Hi Charles,
      We need a little more information.
      Is your alarm an aftermarket alarm and you purchased a factory keyless entry remote? If so, the factory remote will lock and unlock the vehicle but the aftermarket alarm is still armed.

      If you have your old remote, we would need the FCC ID from that.
      Also, what does the alarm sounds like? Factory alarms will blast the horn and the lights will flash, while aftermarket alarms have a siren. If it’s a siren, and they don’t have the old remote we will need the brand name and the model number of the system installed. That can be found on the receiver box (4” X 5” X 1” black box located under the dashboard on the driver’s side).

      Good Luck!

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