Aftermarket Alarm System Remote Transceivers

In this blog, we usually refer to aftermarket alarm or keyless entry remote “transmitters”. However, the inevitable march of technology continues. So, in the old days, most systems had a receiver in the vehicle – the control module – and a remote transmitter to send signals to it to perform various button functions. Now the trend is toward 2-way communication employing “transceivers” for both the remote keyfob and control module so that information can flow in two directions.

Use of transceivers by vehicle manufactures for keyless entry systems is still in its infancy; but 2-way communication has been the norm for all but low-end aftermarket alarm systems for several years. Via LED, LCD and now OLED displays, the vehicle owner with a 2-way system can now see various status reports from the vehicle displayed on the keyfob. This can be confirmation that an engine has been turned on or off by a remote start button, confirmation that the alarm system is armed and has or has not been set off, and so forth.

Virtually every feature of keyless entry system remotes deployed by vehicle manufacturers started as an aftermarket alarm system feature, so you would be safe in betting that within the next few years, we will have to go back and change most of the part messages on our website to say the word “transceiver” instead of “transmitter”.

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