Another Cool Start (CrimeStopper) Remote Question from a Blog Reader

A reader contacted us saying they had a CS34TX remote transmitter for their Cool Start system and asking if we had a replacement key fob for that part. CS34TX (aka CS34 and CS-34TX) is a discontinued 6-button remote with FCC ID M65TX605 that was used on several different Cool Start, CrimeStopper and SuperRage aftermarket alarm and remote start systems. Our response to the blog reader is shown below.

CrimeStopper’s CS34TX transmitter is RUI keyfob 772-1772. This remote transmitter has been discontinued by CrimeStopper; however, they make a newer part that works as a replacement for the CS34TX remote. The new part is our keyfob 071-6497. It looks different and has a different FCC ID, but will work as a replacement for the CS34TX remote. You can see both key fobs and click through to buy 071-6497 at the following link:
RUI part 772-1772, now replaced by 071-6497

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