Another One (Delta Alarm System Remote) Bites the Dust!

Remotes Unlimited just sold our last Delta 3-button alarm system remote. The keyfob in question is our part 471-1471. It is an old remote with FCC ID J5523518T1, a red LED, and buttons for lock/unlock, trunk and an optional function (with an asterisk “*” icon) that many people use as “panic”.

We get a little nostalgic when we sell the last one of a popular part. Delta exited the business some time ago and this particular part has not been made for some time.

The good news is that you can still buy a replacement part that will work with your system. Remotes Unlimited offers a 2-button Black Widow remote as the best replacement option. You can see the Delta part and the suggested replacement at


When replacing a 3-button original keyfob with a 2-button replacement remote, the replacement can be programmed so that you access the third function by holding down both buttons simultaneously. So, you will not lose any functionality if you buy the Black Widow remote as a replacement.

Also, as with nearly all aftermarket alarm system remote controls, the replacement keyfob can be programmed by the user. In order to do this, your system needs to have a valet (over-ride) button or switch and a working siren.

One caution if you are searching for this part using the FCC search capability of our site or a competitor site. Several different styles of aftermarket alarm system remote have FCC ID J5523518T1 and the parts are not all compatible. So don’t buy just any remote that may have that FCC ID on the back. You may be disappointed.

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