Are Factory Keyless Entry Systems For Some Hyundai Vehicles User Programmable?

This is a question that has come up recently.

A blog reader recently sent us an inquiry saying that she has a 2001 Hyundai Elantra and that the system in her vehicle is user programmable. She says that there is a button behind the ashtray for putting the vehicle into programming mode and that she has successfully programmed replacement keyfobs.

We were not aware of this. We sent her back an inquiry seeking more information about exactly what system is in her vehicle. We are wondering if it is a dealer-installed Hyundai system or an aftermarket system, in which case we understand that the system is user programmable. But we have not seen anything in Hyundai maintenance literature that suggests there is an easy way to program most Hyundai factory systems, including that for a 2001 Elantra.

We are also conducting more research on this topic with third parties (and trying to locate a 2001 Elantra that we can do some testing on here in our shop). We have seen instructions for self-programming various Hyundai vehicles, but they entail tearing down the dashboard to get to the programming module, so we do not think that solution is realistic for the average replacement remote buyer.

We will let you know what we learn. If anyone who reads this has definitive knowledge about user programming of any Hyundai factory keyless entry systems other than the 2001-2003 XG300/XG350 sedans (which we already know about), please let us know.

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