Audiovox – Code Alarm Remote Key Fobs

Remotes Unlimited receives many calls asking about Audiovox and Code Alarm remotes.  Many of the original parts for Audiovox and Code Alarm systems have been discontinued.  Don’t fret though.  There are replacement remotes from Audiovox that work for many of the discontinued remotes.  The newer versions generally look different than the original remotes, but the electronics inside are the same.

As a side note, Audiovox bought Code Alarm several years ago.  Since Code Alarm was such a major player in the aftermarket alarm system market, Audiovox has continued to market systems and replacement parts under the Code Alarm name.  In fact, many automobile manufacturers have put their brands on a Code Alarm system which they sell as a dealer-installed option.

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2 Responses to Audiovox – Code Alarm Remote Key Fobs

  1. Whit says:

    Have a JRM MICRO 30B remote with internal #’s MC145026P QFU9525.
    What vehicle was it for?

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Your remote is for an add-on system from Micro Alarm, not for a factory-installed keyless entry system. It could have been installed on any vehicle.

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