Automotive Remote Key Fob Transmitters with FCC ID ELV777K

The FCC ID ELV777K was registered by Nutek in 1992, so remotes with this FCC ID are generally quite old. Back in the 1990s, it was not unusual for aftermarket alarm manufacturers to use the same case for remotes with different circuit boards inside. Often these circuit boards do not function interchangeably. This was the situation with remotes that have FCC ID ELV777K on the back of the keyfob. Also, most of the original remotes fitting the ELV777K case are no longer made. So, often, the replacement remote is a newer part that looks different than the original remote.

For Remotes Unlimited to determine the correct replacement remote, we need to know what circuit board is inside the remote. Circuit boards inside an ELV777K remote transmitter are identified by a 4-character number. They typically are “777” followed by a letter or “MT” followed by 2 more characters. If you know this circuit board number and the number of buttons on the original remote, we can usually identify a replacement part that will work with your aftermarket alarm system.

The following link shows a sample image that may help you determine the circuit board number and order a remote:

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