Car Pro and Autopage Remotes with FCC ID I6ZCMXT601

Autopage has been prolific in marketing aftermarket (add-on) systems for security, remote start and keyless entry. These were sold under both the Car Pro and Autopage brand names.

Two of the Car Pro systems keyless entry systems were CPX-2350 and CPX-2650. These used a 3-button remote transmitter with lock, unlock and trunk icons. The remote’s case has FCC ID I6ZCMXT601 and part number XT-25 on the back. This part is still available and in stock at Remotes Unlimited.

The Autopage branded system was KE-115R. It used a 4-button keyfob that was similar to the Car Pro remote but had an additional “panic” button. Again, the FCC ID is I6ZCMXT601, but the part number on the back of the case for this part is XT-26. This part has been discontinued by Autopage and is no longer available. However, it is interchangeable with the 3-button Car Pro part. Of course, if you buy the 3-button part as a replacement you will not be able to operate the system’s panic feature.

Link to 2-way LCD remotes with FCC ID I6ZCMXT601

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