Autopage XT-915LCD and XT-915s Remote Key Fob (Transmitter)

Remotes Unlimited receives frequent requests for replacement transmitters for AutoPage alarm systems that used the 2-way LCD remote XT-915LCD and the 1-way companion remote XT-915s. Here is one of our typical responses:

Thank you for contacting Remotes Unlimited.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Unfortunately, AutoPage left the alarm industry and did not produce a large enough supply of replacement transmitters before they did. We used to stock both the 2-way XT-915LCD transmitter and the 1-way companion remote (XT-915s). At this time, though, we have no new or pre-owned inventory of either part in stock. I wish we did; we would be able to sell a lot of them. Like you, we have turned over a lot of rocks trying to find some.

I would say, at this point, your best option may be to find a reasonably priced alarm shop that can put a whole new system in for you.

If you do further searching, I wish you good luck in finding a replacement. And, if you happen to find somebody who has a little cache of either part, please let us know and we will buy whichever ones you do not use.

It is hard for me to understand why companies leave an industry without providing for the long tail of replacement parts that would be needed. Not only is it unethical from the standpoint of customer service responsibility, it is a poor business decision. There nearly always are aftermarket service providers such as Remotes Unlimited who would gladly have purchased a large stock of replacement part inventory and provided awesome service to their customers, including warranty claims, long after they exited.

As we said to the hopeful alarm owner that contacted us, if anyone out there knows of a cache of these or other AutoPage transmitters, please let us know.

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