Buying Pre-Owned Remote Key Fob Transmitters

Customers often ask if it makes sense for them to buy a transmitter that was previously owned by another vehicle owner. The simple answer is that this often makes lots of sense. Pre-owned transmitters generally are much less expensive than a new remote. And, for a used vehicle that you may not be driving for another 5 or 6 years, why invest in an expensive brand-new key fob. If a pre-owned part has not been cracked or broken, and there are no holes in the button pad, then the circuit board inside probably has been protected fairly well from dirt, moisture and other things that cause damage.

Remotes Unlimited sells more than 1,000 different pre-owned transmitters for many factory keyless entry and add-on alarm/remote start systems. Each part is inspected, tested and given a new battery prior to sale. If the part contains a locking transponder, you can be assured that the transponder has been unlocked prior to sale. And, much of our pre-owned inventory is in excellent condition. Also, we have pre-owned transmitters for many remotes that are no longer available new from the original manufacturer. If we have new remotes in inventory, that is generally what you will see offered on our website. So, if you need a part listed, but would prefer to buy a less expensive pre-owned transmitter, please call us for assistance.

Here are a few examples of great pre-owned part values:
4-button Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep part 04602260AA-AD with FCC ID GQ43VT17T — Dealer Price of $182.00
Used on 2001-04 Dodge Intrepid | 2001-04 Chrysler Concorde, LHS, Sebring and 300(M) | 2002-04 Jeep Liberty
Pre-Owned RUI Part 354-1354-B

3-button GM key part 15732803 with FCC ID KOBUT1BT — No Longer Sold by GM
Used on 1998-2001 trucks and SUVs
Pre-Owned RUI Part 517-1517-B

1-button 2-way LED Subaru part H001S-AL001/2/3 or H001S-SJ100 with FCC ID ELVATRKC — Dealer Price of $99.99
Used with dealer-installed remote start systems on 2015-19 Legacy and Outback | 2019-22 Forester | and others
Pre-Owned RUI Part 090-6946-B

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