Buying Replacement GM Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs with FCC ID OUC60270

GM, like many other vehicle manufacturers, tends to use families of keyless entry remote control keyfobs on its cars and trucks. One family used on recent GM vehicles is the family that has FCC ID OUC60270 on the back of the case. More than a dozen GM key fob variations were manufactured that use the same circuit board but different button configurations. These remotes are all interchangeable.

What this means for a retail store is that they do not have to carry more than a few remotes to meet the needs of all of their customers who are looking for an OUC60270 remote. What this means for a retail customer is that, if they shop wisely they can save big bucks. For instance, the 5-button version of this remote with remote start, lock, unlock, power liftgate and panic buttons has a list price of $122.81 at a GM dealership, but it sells for $59.00 at Pep Boys stores. The same remote can be used as a replacement keyfob for the GM 5-button remote that has a trunk button icon instead of a power liftgate button, and the dealer list price for this remote is $136.84.

So, shop smart and save money.

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