Car Remote Programming

Customers always ask us what programming an automotive remote control is all about.  Well, when you buy a new keyfob for your factory keyless entry or aftermarket alarm system, it will not work with your vehicle right out of the package.  Think about it:  if it did, anyone could buy the same remote and have access to your vehicle.  There has to be a way for the part to be synchronized with your vehicle and only your vehicle.  That is what programming does.  Programming involves:
1.  Putting the key in the ignition.  This establishes the security authorization so that your system “knows” an authorized user is doing the programming.
2.  Signaling the keyless entry or aftermarket alarm system receiver to go into programming mode.  For user programmable systems, this involves some action that a user can do but that they would not do in the normal course of operating their vehicle – such as quickly turning the key on and off a bunch of times or pressing the valet button several times.  For keyless entry systems that are not user programmable, this involves a service technician connecting a hand-held computer device (typically called a “scan tool”) to the vehicle’s control module and selecting the appropriate function.
3.  Pressing a button or buttons on the new remote while the system is in programming mode, at which point the receiver learns the unique code signature of that remote and stores in memory as an acceptable signal.  Many systems automatically erase all old remotes from memory when a new one is programmed, so you may have to have all of the remotes for a vehicle with you when you program the new one.
4.  Moving the key out of the on position and removing it from the ignition is usually the signal to the system that it needs to exit programming mode.

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2 Responses to Car Remote Programming

  1. Song, chi-hun says:

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    my name is Song, chi-hun

    sorry for my poor english
    i am living at south korea in asia
    my email : [email protected]

    i have some problems about reprogarmming with used remote-fob
    i need your help

    my car is imported from usa
    1999 cadillac seville sls
    vin : 1g6ks54y7xu

    i got a remote-fob(used) from usa fob-seller 2-3day ago
    fob have : GM/UTA 25656444
    CANADA:1983 101 393

    i go to dealershop for reprogramming fob today
    dealershop have a gm-scantool(tech-2)
    dealershop say that used fob is not available any more
    why fob is preowned by someone
    dealershop try to reprogram with tech-2 but he can not reprogram fob
    he say that it needed only new fob(not used one) for programming

    what is defference about remote-fob programming among domestic(usa) car and imported(korea) car?
    etc) radio frequncy problems with usa and south korea?
    i have heard that radio fequncy is deffrent between usa and korea

    please..let me know how to reprogram used remote-fob
    also,dealershop want to know how to reprogram used remote-fob.

    if you give to me any information about reprogramming
    i and dealershop will grope about programming..
    please give me a detail information for reprogramming.

    needed more inform?

    have a nice day

    my email : [email protected]

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