Caution: FCC ID EZSDEI7701

Customers sometimes assume that the only information needed to buy the correct replacement car remote is the FCC ID. This is not always true.

Take FCC ID EZSDEI7701 as an example. This FCC ID, usually with a letter at the end denoting the alarm system brand, appears on remotes used with Clifford 20.5X and 50.5X and Viper 5500 and 5900 alarm systems sold by Directed Electronics. On those systems, the remote is a two-way LCD remote and replacements are still available. However, the same FCC ID appears on an Ungo brand alarm system made by Clarion Corporation of America. Ungo is no longer in business, so that remote has been discontinued.

So when using FCC ID as a specification method, consumers need to be cautious and read all of the information provided to make sure they are buying the correct replacement car remote. Better yet, only shop with knowledgable and trusted web sellers such as Remotes Unlimited.

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2 Responses to Caution: FCC ID EZSDEI7701

  1. charles says:

    I have the UNGO/Clarion sr9000 alarm system. Would you happen to carry a replacement remote for this system? FCC ID: EZSDEI7701
    RPN SAA7701

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