Code Alarm and Kia Keyless Entry Remotes

As I mentioned in a previous post, Code Alarm was a leader in making dealer-installed keyless entry systems for several vehicle manufacturers. As irony would have it, this led to circumstances such that KIA now sells a remote that replaces discontinued Code Alarm systems.

Two Code Alarm remotes, a 3-button keyfob with FCC ID GOH-3BL98 and OE part number PT-6 and a 4-button keyless remote control with FCC ID GOH-4BL98 and OE part number PT-7C, have both been discontinued by Code Alarm’s acquiror, Audiovox. These are just two of several parts that Audiovox has decided not to continue producing since acquiring Code Alarm.

However, both of these keyfobs can be replaced by a keyless entry remote used on KIA Spectra and Sportage vehicles a decade ago. That remote control is still available through KIA. It is a 3-button keyfob with FCC ID GOH-3BFM2497. It replaces both of the discontinued Code Alarm remotes; however, you may lose some button functions if you use it to replace the 4-button Code Alarm keyfob. Because of the position of the third button on the KIA remote, only the top two buttons will operate the same functions – lock and unlock – that they did on the Code Alarm remote.

If you have any questions about these remote controls or how the KIA part works as a substitution, feel free to call Remotes Unlimited. We have the KIA part in stock.

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