Common Misconceptions About Automotive Remote Replacement Parts and Programming

Remotes Unlimited received a call recently from a consumer who was very confused by information they saw on various Internet sites.

For instance, one site showed the dealer list price of a common Ford 3-button keyfob as more than $130.00.  Well, the current dealer list price on that part is actually $55.71.  The webseller had added $75 to the dealer list price as the claimed expense for programming at a Ford dealer.  We find this misleading.  First of all, not all Ford dealers charge for programming.  Second, Ford remote programming instructions are readily available from numerous sources.  However, showing a fictitious dealer list price in order to make a vendor’s price discount appear larger is a common deceptive practice among web sellers of replacement remote controls.

The caller pointed out that another site listed what they said were “universal” programming instructions for key fob replacement.  The instructions they showed happened to be for a Toyota application.  However, they did not say this.  The text made it sound as if you could use the Toyota instructions for any make, model and year, which is absurd.  Replacement remotes for many factory keyless entry applications can not be programmed by a user at all, and for those that do, there are numerous different programming methods.

On another site, a used part was being sold for a Chrysler keyhead remote transmitter that cannot be re-programmed.

Our advice is to do your research before buying a replacement part from any web seller.  A good portion of those selling replacement remotes, especially on eBay and Amazon, do not really know the parts, applications and programming methods for the remote they are selling.

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