CompuStar 1-button remote start transmitters with FCC ID VA5JR760AM433

CompuStar has marketed many add-on remote start systems that use a 1-button remote transmitter with FCC ID VA5JR760AM433. There are many styles and part numbers associated with these key fobs. They were used on systems marketed under the CompuStar, Arctic Start, FTX and NuStart brands.

The best way to make sure you buy the correct replacement remote for your system is to match the part number from the sticker on the back of your old remote. These part numbers include 1BR-AM, 1BAMR, 1BR-SH, 1WR1R-AM, and variants of these that put an abbreviation of the system brand in front of these basic identifiers – such as AR1WR1R-AM for the Arctic Start branded version of the 1WR1R-AM remote.

You can see most of these parts by searching the Remotes Unlimited website using the FCC ID number. Or simply go to the following link:
CompuStar remotes with FCC ID VA5JR760AM433

The systems that use these remotes are easily programmed to accept an additional remote. When you buy a remote from Remotes Unlimited, programming instructions and free phone tech support are included.

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