Confusion Regarding Code Alarm PT-6C and PT-7C Remote Key Fobs (Transmitters)

Prior to the acquisition by Voxx, Code Alarm did some very confusing things with respect to its alarm system remote transmitters. Code Alarm parts PT-6C and PT-7C are a case in point.

These 3-button (PT-6C) and 4-button (PT-7C) parts came in cases with a variety of different button styles. Some have words on the buttons, some have pictures (icons) for lock, unlock and panic. Some have red or blue buttons, others are all black. The cases also had a variety of FCC IDs embossed (or printed on a sticker) on the back. They include GOH-M41-014 or GOH-3BL98 on PT-6C, and ELVATKB, GOH-4BL98, GOH-FOUR or GOH-M51-016 on PT-7C. Note that GOH-3BL98 and GOH-4BL98 are not even valid FCC IDs according to the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology FCC search website.

All of this variation causes a great deal of confusion for consumers trying to make sure they are buying the correct part. Remotes Unlimited has over 20 years of experience selling replacement remote transmitters for Code Alarm and other aftermarket alarm systems and factory-installed keyless entry systems. So we can help you find the correct key fob for your vehicle.

By the way, Voxx lists both of these parts as obsolete but Remotes Unlimited still has replacement options in stock.

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