Cool Start (Crimestopper) Replacement Remote Control Transmitter

Cool Start alarm systems are marketed by Crimestopper. One of their recent replacement remote keyfobs is part RSTX-4. This is a 5-button remote control used on a recent Cool Start alarm system with remote start. The FCC ID on this keyfob is VVJ-T612S434. One innovation of this remote is that there is a sliding cover over two of the buttons – including the remote start button. This is a safety feature to avoid the remote start button to be pressed by mistake when, say, it is in your pocket or purse. Crimestopper part RSTX-4 is available at Remotes Unlimited along with programming instructions.

See Cool Start remote with FCC ID VVJ-T612S434 here.

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8 Responses to Cool Start (Crimestopper) Replacement Remote Control Transmitter

  1. troy williams says:

    looking for replacement remote for rs900vi n price

  2. Joseph weister says:

    looking for a replacement remote I have one remote that the number on it is Q6WBT4123 I need another one thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for contacting Remotes Unlimited. We do have a replacement remote that will work with your system. The CoolStart remote transmitter with FCC ID Q6WBT4123 can be replaced by our part 071-6552. This is a newer 5-button remote from CrimeStopper/CoolStart – their part RSTX4-G5 with FCC ID Q6WBT5161. It looks slightly different than your original remote but which uses the same transmission characteristics.

      You can see and buy part 071-6552 at the following link:
      RUI part 071-6552

  3. Lisa Wooten says:

    I’m looking for replacement fob for cool start remote starter with 4 buttons. Can’t make out all the numbers on back. Think it’s cs34-II TX. Can you help?

  4. Dan Waltz says:

    being used on 2007 toyota sienna

    • admin says:

      Not sure what you are communicating here, Dan. Are you looking for a Cool Start remote for your 2007 Sienna . . . or for a different remote for that vehicle?

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