Crimestopper Alarm System Remotes with FCC ID CHXP19695

Several older Crimestopper alarm systems use remotes with FCC ID CHXP19695 on the back of the case. This includes alarm systems with sub-brands such as Command Auto Shield, Pi, Cool Start, Rage, SuperRage, MX Vector and Samurai, in addition to CrimeStopper itself.

These remotes are not all interchangeable. Some of them transmitted a fixed code and others used rolling code technology.

All of the original parts have been discontinued by Crimestopper. They are no longer made and are very difficult to find.

However, if you need a replacement for an FCC ID CHXP19695 keyfob, Remotes Unlimited can still help you. We have some of the original parts in stock and offer our own-branded ReMoto replacement remote for the others.

Because there are several original remotes with the same FCC ID and they are not interchangeable, you will need to search our website by the brand and model of your alarm system or by the Crimestopper part number.

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2 Responses to Crimestopper Alarm System Remotes with FCC ID CHXP19695

  1. KIM VALGREN says:

    CHXP19695…I need a remote replacement please advise

    • admin says:

      There were several different parts used with Crimestopper systems that all had the FCC ID number CHXP19695. However, these parts are not all interchangeable. We have replacements available for several of these parts, but not for all of them. To know which part you need, we need to know either the specific Crimestopper system model you have or the part number of your original remote.

      The system model number should appear on the control module (receiver) installed in your vehicle. This is a small (roughly 1″x3″x4″) black box is usually installed under the dash board on the driver’s side of the vehicle. You should have a valet (shut-off) switch and often an LED light on or under your dash. The wire from either of these will lead you to the control module. The model number will indicate to us which remote your system uses.

      The original remote part numbers for these parts are CS-333(Pi), CS-334, CS-337, CS-338 and MX-77. One of these part numbers may appear on the case or on the circuit board inside your original remote. If so, this part number will also tell us what you need.

      If you find either of these pieces of information, then call us at 281-820-0300 (or 877-719-1900, toll-free in US) and choose option 2 to speak to a sales associate. They should be able to help you or will refer you to someone who can.

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