CrimeStopper and Cool Start Remotes with FCC ID CHX433TX

A blog reader recently contacted Remotes Unlimited about replacing the remotes on her Cool Start system. All she told us was that her original remote has FCC ID CHX433TX on the back. Here is our response:

CrimeStopper, the maker of Cool Start systems, has made a dozen or more different parts that have the FCC ID CHX433TX. Most of these parts are not interchangeable. (The fact that they have the same FCC ID just means they have common radio-frequency characteristics, not that they transmit the same coded signal.) Most of these parts and systems have long since been discontinued. Remotes Unlimited still has some of the parts in stock. We also have newer CrimeStopper parts that will substitute for some of the discontinued parts. In order to know if we can help you, we need to know the Cool Start system model that is installed in your Honda. That information can be found on the control module (receiver) for the system, which is usually installed under the dash board on the driver’s side of the vehicle. If you locate the valet (over-ride) switch or the LED indicator light for your system, you can trace the wire from either of these components to the control module. If you still have the original owner’s manual for your system, that too should have the model information on it. If you can find this model information, please contact us (281-820-0300, option 3) and our tech support personnel should be tell you which remote you need for your system and whether or not we have a replacement for it in stock.

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