CrimeStopper Companion Remote Controls

I recently posted about CrimeStopper 2-way LCD remote controls that have FCC ID M65TR5C. I mentioned that there are also 1-way companion remotes that work with systems that use these 2-way remotes. A blog reader asked me if I would say more about the companion remotes.

CrimeStopper system CS-2000 uses the 2-way, 5-button LCD remote that has CrimeStopper part number CS-499.FM.CF. Remotes Unlimited’s part for this application is 071-6181. The 1-way companion remote is a 6-button keyfob having FCC ID CHX433TX and CrimeStopper part number CS-398.FM. Remotes Unlimited’s part for this application is 071-6412.

The other 2-way LCD remote with FCC ID M65TR5C is part number CS-599LCD. Remotes Unlimited’s part for this application is 071-6001. This remote control was used on several CrimeStopper aftermarket alarm systems, including models RS-1704DP.TW2, RS-999TW2, CS-2004TW2, CS-2014DP.FM, CS-2014DP.TW2, CS-2014TW2 and RS-1704DP.TW2. These models were sold under the CrimeStopper brand and also under brand names CoolStart, Secure and SuperPage. The 1-way companion remote is a 5-button keyfob, also with FCC ID CHX433TX. The CrimeStopper part number is CS-512. Remotes Unlimited’s part for this application is 071-6002.

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2 Responses to CrimeStopper Companion Remote Controls

  1. Mark thurman says:

    I have a CS 2014DP.FM alarm. I purchased a remote from you. You sent me a 071-6002 replacement remote. I’ve followed your instructions over 20 times with no luck. I went on crime stoppers web site and found a local dealer in Fresno, Ca. They attempted numerous times to pair the remote with my alarm with no luck. I’ve called remotes unlimited 2 times and have sat on hold for over 30 minutes both times with no answer and gave up. All I want is my alarm to work. Please help me.

    • admin says:

      Sorry I am just seeing this now, Mark. I have referred this to our customer service personnel and someone will contact you today. Hang in there. If we cannot figure out how to get the current part working we will work to figure out the correct solution to your problem.

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