CrimeStopper (Cool Start) Key Fob Remote Transmitters with FCC ID VVJ-T612S434

We recently received an inquiry about “manufacturer part number T612S434”.

Part number T612S434 (or, more accurately, FCC ID VVJ-T612S434) appears on two discontinued CrimeStopper (Cool Start) remote transmitters — a 1-button remote start transmitter and a 5-button alarm system transmitter. Remotes Unlimited offers gently used (B-grade) remotes for both of these parts. You can see both parts and select the one you need by searching FCC ID VVJ-T612S434 on our website.

We also stock brand new remote transmitter part 071-6497, which will work as a substitute for either of these parts. You can see and buy this part at the following link: RUI (Cool Start) part 071-6497

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