Diagnosing The Aftermarket Alarm System Remote Control You Need

We recently received an inquiry from a customer who was having difficulty finding a replacement remote control for her old aftermarket alarm system. In the inquiry, she sent us an FCC ID (L2MAL…) as an identifier. This showed great instinct on her part, because FCC IDs are very useful in keyfob specification.

As it turned out, though, the FCC ID she sent was not for a remote transmitter but for the control module/receiver in her vehicle. Nevertheless it was a starting point. We used our reference material to determine that this FCC ID was used on multiple aftermarket alarm systems, so her system could have used any of several different original remote controls. So, we emailed her back asking her to get the model number of her aftermarket alarm system from the control module and send us that information. This did the trick and we were able to determine exactly which replacement remote keyfob she needed.

Remotes Unlimited frequently helps customers through these kinds of situations because specifying the correct part is not always as simple as we all wish it would be.

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