Did you know? . . . Interchangeable Subaru Key Fob Remote Transmitters

Most people may not know that several Subaru keyless entry remote transmitters are interchangeable. For instance, Subaru used a 2-button Subaru keyfob with FCC ID A269ZUA111 on many of its vehicles up through the 2003 or 2004 model year. This remote is easily identifiable by its orange and blue buttons.

Subaru discontinued the 2-button remote years ago and replaced that key fob with a tear-dropped 4-button transmitter with FCC ID NHVWB1U711. Even though the remotes do not look at all similar and have different FCC IDs, they are interchangeable.

See both of these remotes at the following link:
Interchangeable Subaru remotes

When buying a remote, though, one always has to take care to buy the correct part. Even though these two remotes with different FCC IDs are interchangeable, there are other Subaru parts with the same FCC ID that are not interchangeable.

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