Did You Know? . . . Look-a-Like Nissan/Infiniti Smart Key Remotes

Did you know that many Nissan/Infiniti proximity remote transmitters (aka “smart keys”) look alike but may not be interchangeable? Never buy one of these keyfobs based on the appearance of the part if you are replacing a remote.

Nissan and Infiniti smart keys were provided by multiple suppliers, so the FCC IDs can start with different FCC grantee prefixes, such as CWT (Alps), KBR (Calsonic) and KR5 (Continental). The most common FCC IDs include CWTWBU729, KR55WK49622, KR55WK48903 and KR5S180144014. All of these use the same case style.

However, you cannot assume that two remotes with the same FCC ID are interchangeable. For instance, Remotes Unlimited transmitters 085-6529 (2013-14 Pathfinder) and 085-6641 (2016-17 Murano, Pathfinder and Titan) look alike and both have FCC ID KR5S180144014, but they cannot be substituted for each other. You can see these key fobs at the links below:
RUI Part 085-6529 – 2013-14 Pathfinder
RUI Part 085-6641 – 2016-17 Murano Pathfinder Titan

The best way to distinguish these remotes and all Nissan-Infiniti smart keys is by the model number (the Continental number on remotes with an FCC starting with KR5). That is why Remotes Unlimited makes it possible to search our website by the model number for this style of remote. Simply remove the back-up key from your original remote and look in the key channel on the back of the fob to locate the number you need. Then enter it in search option 3 – “MFR PART #” – on our home page: www.remotesunlimited.com

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