Did you know? . . . With Remote Key Fobs, Looks Can Be Deceiving

Many people are confused by remote transmitters because looks can be deceiving. Some people think that two remotes that look the same must be interchangeable, but this is not always the case. For instance the two Nissan remotes in the links below are not interchangeable:
2003-2006 Nissan Sentra remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U429
Nissan remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15 used on many vehicles

And some people think that two remotes that look very different cannot be interchangeable. While this is often true, sometimes it is not, as with the two Nissan remotes below:
Nissan remote with FCC ID KBRASTU10 (Model 01A)
Nissan remote with FCC ID CWTWB1U733

So, whenever you are buying a replacement keyfob, be certain you are buying the right part. A good place to start is buying the remote from a company that really knows what they are selling! Advance Auto, CARQUEST and Pep Boys all sell our remotes.

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