Falcon Alarm Remote Controls

A visitor to the Remotes Unlimited website recently asked about replacing a Falcon alarm system remote. Falcon alarms are no longer sold in the US. To our knowledge, no one supports them any longer, though one might be able to locate an alarm shop that formerly installed Falcon systems and still has some replacement parts.

Remotes Unlimited can help with Falcon alarm systems in selected situations. The visitors system had an original keyfob with FCC ID MTCJU1000T. For this keyfob, what is important is the color of the LED light on the original remote. Remotes with a green LED light used rolling code technology and cannot be copied. But an original remote with a red LED light operates with a fixed code. Remotes Unlimited can copy this remote if the original remote will produce any signal.

For assistance with a situation such as this, one would need to call Remotes Unlimited and speak directly with one of our technical staff.

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8 Responses to Falcon Alarm Remote Controls

  1. Johnny felix says:

    I dont have any information to how to use my falcon car remote control, If you can send me information thankyou..

    • admin says:

      Well, I am not too clear on what you mean by “use your remote control”. Assuming that the remote control you have is the correct keyfob for your Falcon system, you will need to go through a programming procedure to make it work with the system in your vehicle. The correct programming procedure should be shown in the user manual that came with the system. During the programming procedure, you may be given options as to what functions of the alarm system are associated with what buttons on the keyfob. At the risk of stating the obvious, you can only assign alarm functions to a keyfob button if those functions were properly wired during installation of the system.

      Without knowing more about the specific Falcon system in your vehicle and how it was wired, or about the remote control you have, it is difficult to say anything more than this with certainty. In our experience, though, the top button of Falcon remotes is typically set up to arm and disarm the system. If the system is wired to do so, this action would also lock and unlock the doors. The second button is typically used for an auxiliary function, which could be trunk release, remote start or something else.

  2. sharon floyd says:

    I have a falcon remote for my car alarm system,today when I push the lock I hear it go off but car does not lock.my keyless remote isn,the working,what can I do?and what battery does it take.

    • admin says:

      Based on your description, any number of different things could be the problem. If you are saying that when you push the lock button on your remote, you hear the power door locks in your vehicle trying to work, then it is unlikely that the problem is with your remote. It sounds as if the alarm/keyless entry system is working but that your door lock actuators are not. For that you would have to go to a dealership or automotive repair facility.

      To determine the battery in your remote, simply open the back. Most falcon remotes use a 23A battery, but you should probably check first.

      Falcon systems are older aftermarket alarm systems. If the system itself (the control module in your vehicle) is malfunctioning, you will probably not be able to find a way to repair it. If your remote is sending a signal (and it sounds as if it is), then we can clone it to make a copy of the existing remote. However, we think it will be very difficult for you to find new replacement remotes for a Falcon system other than cloning your working remote.

  3. Pilar San Juan says:

    I have a Falcon remote for my car and on the remote it has a blue light. It works great and haven’t had a problem. I recently lost the spare remote and I was wondering if you would be able to make one as my spare for back up.

    Product ID # it’s…


    Please advise and thank you in advance.

    • admin says:

      Yes, if you have one Falcon remote that works, we should be able to copy this remote to another keyfob so that you have a back-up remote. In order for us to do this, you will need to send in the working remote. Call Remotes Unlimited at 877-719-1900 (US toll-free) or 281-820-0300 and choose option 1 to speak to a customer service representative. Tell them you have an old working Falcon remote and you would like a copy of it.

  4. Steven Muraoka says:

    I have the vision falcon keyless entry remote with the blue LED and it is not locking/unlocking my truck and does not turn on or off the alarm system. I was wondering how do you reprogram the remote?

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