Automotive remotes and keyfobs with FCC ID EZSDEI . . .  are products of Directed Electronics.  DEI markets aftermarket alarm systems under many brands, including Automate, Avital, Clifford, Python and Viper (to name just a few).  There are also sub-brands such as AviStart, Concept, IntelliGuard, Matrix and many others.

Many of the replacement remote controls for DEI systems are interchangeable.  However, others are not, and it is not always easy to tell by looking at the remote or by the FCC ID shown on the back of the case.  Sometimes, the only difference is the brand or logo on the case.  At other times, the case shape and number of buttons differs.  So, if you are trying to replace your old DEI remote control, be sure you are dealing with a knowledgeable vendor so that you get the right keyfob.

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  1. erisa says:

    just one qusiteon just one qusiteon that i still cant seem to find the answer to, where in the do I locate the dip switch code to actually program into the remote???? I dont have an existing remote

    • admin says:

      The answer to this depends on the alarm system in your vehicle. Call Remotes Unlimited at 281-820-0300 if you would like one of our tech support individuals to help you with this.

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