Finding Model Information for Your Add-On Car Alarm or Remote Start System

Many people call us because they need a new remote transmitter for their add-on car alarm or remote start system but do not know which one to buy. In order to be certain you are buying the correct part, you should know the brand and model information of the system in your vehicle OR information from an original key fob that worked with the system. Often, remote information may not be available because printed or embossed information is too worn to read or a label has come off entirely. So system model information is always the failsafe method for specifying the correct remote.

If you do not have the original manual or purchase information for the car alarm or remote start system in your vehicle, you will likely need to locate the control module (receiver or “brain”) for your system. This component is a small (approximately 4″x3″x1″) box-like device. Most installers tuck it up under the dash board on the driver’s side of the vehicle, often securing it with twist or zip ties. It has several wired leading from it to the various other components of the system. Often, the easiest way to find it is to follow a wire from the shut-off (valet) switch or LED indicator light. The model information is usually printed or embossed somewhere on this control module.

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