Gargoyle (CrimeStopper) CS-2002DC.III Alarm System Remote Key Fob

A site visitor contacted Remotes Unlimited seeking a replacement remote for his aftermarket Gargoyle keyless entry alarm system. He has CrimeStopper model CS-2002DC.III. The original remote for that system is a CrimeStopper part with FCC ID OARTXAM2000. It is no longer made, but Remotes Unlimited still has 1 left in stock at this writing. It is our part number 634-1634. Once that keyfob has been sold, Remotes Unlimited should still be able to help you with a replacement. There are other remotes that will work for part 634-1634, including Remotes Unlimited part 462-1462. You can see both of these parts at the following link:
Remote 634-1634 with FCC ID OARTXAM2000 for CrimeStopper/Gargoyle system CS-2002DC.III

Remotes Unlimited also stocks replacement remote transmitters for many other CrimeStopper and Gargoyle systems. Most of these are easily programmable by the user to add a new replacement remote.

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