GM Parts 15051014, 15008008 and 15008009

Some people have asked us if the three GM remotes 15051014, 15008008 and 15008009 are interchangeable.  They are.  The only difference among these three keyless entry remotes is the back of the case.  Transmitters bearing the GM part numbers 15008008 and 15008009 were used on vehicles with seat memory.  They had a fob number “1” and “2” on the back, respectively.  This made it easier to tell the two remotes apart because they could have different seat memory settings which would be triggered by unlocking the doors with either of the remotes.  GM part 15051014 was used on vehicles with no seat memory package and, consequently, has no fob number on the back.  The boards inside all three remotes are identical, so they can be used interchangeably.

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  2. Brian fausel says:

    2007 Buick Lucerne. Where do I find the key fob remote part number??
    I’m lost

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