GM Car Remote Start Keyfob with FCC ID KOBGT04A

Yesterday’s blog prompted a question about remote start. A visitor asked if there are also two separate 5-button keyfobs for GM sedans equipped with remote start.

The answer is no. Even though GM sedans that were not equipped with remote start may have used two different non-interchangeable remotes with FCC ID KOBGT04A, those equipped with remote start and a keyless entry system that used a keyfob with FCC ID KOBGT04A on the case require a single replacement remote.

The 5-button keyless entry remotes with FCC ID KOBGT04A and GM part number 10305092 or 22733524 are equivalent to Remotes Unlimited part number 507-1507.

As with sedans that do not have remote start, most of the cars with keyless entry systems that used this part require scan tool programming to add a new remote. So, your vehicle and all remotes you want to use with the vehicle will have to be taken to a dealership for programming.

Also, when buying a replacement car remote for a GM sedan manufactured in the past six years, you should be aware that not all of these sedans used remotes with FCC ID KOBGT04A. Some used remotes with FCC ID OUC60270.

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