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In response to a query, I thought I would share some information about replacing Honda keyhead remote transmitters. As an example, I am going to talk about Honda part 35111-S9V-325 (with FCC ID CWTWB1U545). This particular part was used on Honda Pilot SUVs from 2005 through 2008.

This integrated keyhead remote has an immobilizer. So, unless the key inserted in the ignition has a properly programmed transponder, the vehicle cannot be operated. This transponder is in the plastic keyhead case. Transponders are not user programmable, so if you use an entirely new keyhead part as a replacement, you will need to get the key cut and the transponder programmed by a dealer or qualified locksmith.

However, if it is only the keyless entry remote transmitters functions of your existing keyhead part that are not functional, you may want to try a different replacement approach that can save $100 or more.

The case for this keyhead part can be opened. It is held together by a small screw. The components that make up the keyless remote entry transmitter (circuit board, battery and button pad) can be replaced. And, once replaced, the remote transmitter functions can be programmed by the user without requiring a special tool. (If you buy the replacement part from a quality web seller, such as Remotes Unlimited), programming instructions for the transmitter functions are included with the replacement keyhead part and phone technical support is free.)

So, if you have a working key and your remote tranmitter functions no longer work, you can buy a replacement keyhead part and place the transmitter components in the existing case of your working key. This can save a lot of money. We have heard of some dealers charging $169 for a replacement part, key cutting and programming. The part itself if typically sold for under $60.

There is one challenge we know of with this approach . . . it can sometimes be very difficult to get the screw out of an old Honda remote. There is a risk of stripping the threads in your old case. If this happens, we recommend putting a drop of epoxy in the screw hole when you reassemble the case and then insert the new screw while the epoxy is still drying. This should form a tight bond and hold the case together effectively.

Note that this set of circumstances is not limited to the Honda Pilot keyhead remote. Many keyhead remotes are made such that the transmitter components can be replaced for a working key and the new transmitter programmed by the user. This is particularly true of keyhead remotes on Japanese vehicles. If you have a keyhead remote and the transmitter functions are not working and you want to know whether or not you can just replace the transmitter components and program those yourself, do not hesitate to call Remotes Unlimited for assistance. First, you may want to try replacing the battery though. If a dead battery is the problem, that is an even less expensive solution.

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