JTI Alarm System Remote Control with FCC ID NNK4TX

JTI alarm systems were marketed in North America a while back. The company no longer sells alarm systems or replacement parts, but Remotes Unlimited does still have inventory of a 2-button JTI keyfob with FCC ID NNK4TX.

The RUI part number for this part is 073-6010. (JTI’s part number was P43J.) You can see the part and order it at this link.

This replacement remote transmitter was used on several JTI alarm systems, including models A9, A12, A15, A19, JT1, JT2 and JT3. JTI alarm systems were also sold under the sub-brand “IT”, so that logo may be on your original system as it is on our replacement keyfob.

In order to properly configure this remote for your system, RUI may need to know more information from your original remote or from the system module installed in your vehicle. So, to expedite the process, you may want to call us at 877-719-1900 rather than ordering online.

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2 Responses to JTI Alarm System Remote Control with FCC ID NNK4TX

  1. Randall says:

    i have a J T I system on my 97 truck and remote went bad , i purchased 2 key fob J T I BUT I dont know how to program key fob to truck

    • admin says:

      We may be able to help. If you purchased the remotes from Remotes Unlimited, instructions should have been included with the part and free phone tech support is also included. If you purchased the remotes elsewhere, we do offer phone tech support for a fee. Either way, call us during normal business hours at 281-820-0300 and choose option 3 for tech support. If you purchased from us, please have your order information available. Our tech support specialist will need to know the model of your JTI system and information about the part you purchased to make sure you have the correct remote.

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