Keyless Entry Remotes on 1999 Ford E-Series Trucks and Vans

We recently received an inquiry from a customer who was confused. On one site he visited, it said 1993-1999 E-series trucks and vans use a keyless entry remote with FCC ID GQ43VT4T and on another it said 1999-2012 E-series trucks and vans use a key fob with FCC ID CWTWB1U331. This was very confusing to the customer because his vehicle is a 1999 model year. His confusion was increased by the fact that the FCC ID on his original remote is GQ43VT11T and neither part looked exactly like his part, though images of both of the parts shown were close.

His confusion is legitimate. 1999 was a split model year for E-series trucks and vans. The first half of the production year – vehicles assembled through February 1999 – use the Ford remote with FCC ID GQ43VT4T, Remotes Unlimited part 357-1357. E-series trucks and vans assembled from March 1999 on use a newer Ford remote, Remotes Unlimited part 343-1343. The newer style remote had different FCC IDs at different times – including both CWTWB1U331 and GQ43VT11T – and also had slight differences in the button icons. So the customer’s key fob turned out to be the newer style remote.

You can see the current version of both remotes at the following links:

1993-1999 E-series truck and van remote with FCC ID GQ43VT4T.

1999-2012 E-series truck and van remote with various FCC IDs, including GQ43VT11T.

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