OEM Part Numbers for Keyfobs and other Automotive Remote Controls

One of the reference numbers that appears on many automotive remote controls – for both factory keyless entry and aftermarket alarm systems – is the part number assigned to it by the original equipment (OE) manufacturer.  If you have an existing part and are uncertain about how to specify the correct replacement part on the Remotes Unlimited website or at an auto parts store, look at your original remote and see if there is manufacturer’s part number on it.  Many remotes have an OE part number on the back of the case.

OE part numbers come in different forms depending on the manufacturer.  Ford uses both letters and digits in their part numbers, such as 2L3Z-15K601-AA.  GM uses 8 digits with no hyphen or spaces.  Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai all use 10 alphanumeric characters with five on each side of a separating hyphen.  Many aftermarket alarm system part numbers are much shorter, such as 4 digits followed by a letter for many DEI remotes and as few as three digits for Omega.

If your vehicle is equipped with a factory keyless entry system and you want to know the OE part number of your remote to make sure you get the correct replacement part, you can always call your dealership, give them your VIN and ask them to look it up for you.

One cautionary note, however:  auto manufacturers change OE part numbers frequently.  We know of some factory keyless entry remotes that have more than 5 different part numbers for an identical part.  So, just because a replacement part has a different OE part number does not mean it is not the correct part.  Also, some compatible parts may have different OE part numbers because of very slight cosmetic differences – such as the rear function button icon.  Sometimes, one of these compatible parts with a different OE part number may work with your system and be much less expensive.  So always seek help from an expert when you are replacing your automotive remote control.

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26 Responses to OEM Part Numbers for Keyfobs and other Automotive Remote Controls

  1. Hi,

    Really it is a nice blog, I would like to tell you that you have given me much knowledge about it.

  2. Reed Gurney says:

    Need Key and Fob for a 2014 Ford Fusion SE Vin.3FA6P0H73ER140466 Thank You

    • admin says:

      Hello, thanks for contacting us about your 2014 Ford Fusion replacement remote.

      We do have this remote available. Please note this does not have remote start and the key blade will have to be cut and programmed by a dealer or locksmith. Locksmiths tend to be cheaper.

      Here is a link to purchase it: Part #091-6458 with FCC ID N5F-A08TAA

      If you need more help, please give us a call at 1-877-719-1900

  3. dale henderson says:

    I need a remote for a 2001 GMC SONOMA , vin ## 1gtcs19w918157954

    • admin says:

      Sorry not to have responded sooner. I have been on vacation. 2001 Sonoma vehicles used two different factory keyless entry systems with visually similar but non-compatible remote transmitters. For the 1st build (vehicles built through February 2001), factory-installed systems use GM part number 15732803 with FCC ID KOBUT1BT (equivalent to Remotes Unlimited part 517-1517). For the 2nd build (vehicles built during or after March 2001), factory systems use GM part 15042968 with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT (equivalent to our part 514-1514). If you have your original remote, you can look on the back of the transmitter and match the FCC ID or OE part number to determine which Remotes Unlimited part you need.

      In the event you do not have an original transmitter, I will ask one of our personnel to look up the part you need based on the VIN you have provided and will email that information to you when I have it.

  4. James says:

    Can you please tell me what key fob part number I need for a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Regular Cab Vin #1GCEC14W11Z146910
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      It was smart of you to include the VIN. GM used two different keyless entry systems on 2001 Silverado trucks. The keyfobs for those two systems look almost identical but are not interchangeable. When our offices open on Monday, someone will run your VIN and send you a follow-up email with the correct part reference. Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for the delay in responding.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Tahoe Lt. The owner gave me one key. The key looks to be the wrong year key, but starts the vehicle. It does however, set off the alarm when you unlock the door. I have no idea what the original FCCID number was to order a new fob. I feel I will have to bite the bullet and purchase at least one of these through the dealership.. Could use a little help. vin# 1GNSCBE04CR164878

    • admin says:

      Thank you for contacting Remotes Unlimited. There are a couple of remotes that were released for the 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe. The button configuration of the remote depends on what features the vehicle is equipped with. According to your VIN number, the correct remote for you is part number 902-1902. http://www.remotesunlimited.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=925
      As you can tell from the link I provided, we offer new original remotes and other alternative solutions (listed in the bottom portion of the webpage) with varying prices. All new remotes include a 180 day warranty.
      We also sell used remotes with a 30 day warranty for $24.00 but they must be ordered over the phone at 877-719-1900. Shipping and handling costs $4.95.

      However, vehicles that have this particular system and with a model year of 2011 and up require programming with a scan tool. So you cannot program this system yourself. A scan tool is a type of device that plugs into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (O.B.D) port. You’ll have to find a qualified locksmith or a dealership who is equipped with the correct scan tool for your vehicle. In most cases, locksmiths tend be charge less for that service.

  6. Thank you so much for providing this service. I have a 2008 jeep jk the owners manual says I only need one key to program another but all I read about is needing two keys. I would like to get another key my VIN# is 1J4FA541X8L519780 L Is it true that I need two and if not do you have the key I can program myself off the key I have now.

    Thank You
    And Have a Blessed Day

    • admin says:

      The confusion stems from the fact that there are two components of your remote-head key that require programming. One is remote functions. The other is the anti-theft transponder. You can program the remote functions of a new remote-head key if you have


      working key already. But programming the anti-theft transponder requires two

        working keys. That is for security reasons.

        Of course, the key blade will also need to be cut. If you do not have the required number of working keys for programming a new one yourself, then the new part will need to be programmed using a computer “scan tool” device. Dealerships and most well-equipped automotive locksmiths have this device and can perform key programming and key cutting.

  7. Mary Bodniowycz says:

    need part no for 2010 crv honda fob
    vin no 3czre3h36ag705398

    • admin says:

      Mary, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Internet, we receive 1000 spam comments for every legitimate one, and it sometimes takes us a few days to isolate the legitimate ones.

      2010 Honda CR-Vs use our part 896-1896. You can see that part on our website at the following link:
      2010 Honda CR-V Remote Head Key

      Some vehicles have aftermarket or dealer-installed alarm systems installed on them. If this does not look like your old part, feel to email me directly at [email protected], and I will try to help you further.

  8. Chris DeVore says:

    I have a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT that I purchased with a salvaged title. It was a water damage car. I have 1 key and 1 fob that are not attached and I need another. When I have went to a lock smith they told me my car actually takes a different style with the key and fob attached. I have know clue what to purchase. I would like them attached if possible. My remote show FCC ID CWTWB1U345 and my vin is 1MFH7D81BGA50627? I appreciate any and all help in advance. Would love to buy one or maybe 2 of these keys as I will be programming them with forscan.

    • admin says:

      Prior response:
      We can provide the integrated remote-head keys (RHKs) you need but we cannot cut the keys for you. Ford has updated the look of their RHKs. We have both the old style and the new style. We will run the VIN today and let you know all of your options.

      Added 3/8/2021:
      Sorry for the delay in following up with you on this. We tried to run the VIN and did not get a match. VINs have 17 characters. Yours has 16 plus a ? at the end. We tried inserting other digits in place of the ? but still did not get a match. Do you think one of the characters in the middle of the string could have been missed? If you can provide all 17 characters, we will try that approach again. Otherwise, the question is whether your original remote had three buttons or four. The 4-button part has a trunk icon button that operates the rear liftgate.

      As I mentioned above, Ford has changed the style of the replacement part for your original remote-head key. The new 3-button part looks like this: RUI part 091-6385
      The new 4-button part looks like this: RUI part 091-6386

      Remotes Unlimited offers a variety of grades of parts. We have brand new OE parts, re-manufactured OE parts (a pre-owned OE part with the blade replaced), and also brand new aftermarket replacement parts. If you clicked on either of the links above, you may have noticed that current pricing for a new Ford part is $174, while pricing for an aftermarket part is $59. The remanufactured parts are priced at $89, so you can save quite a bit of money if you buy a remanufactured or aftermarket part. Any of these will work for your original RHK. You will have to have the key cut and the system programmed to accept the new remote by a Ford dealer or a qualified automotive locksmith.

  9. McDavis Slade says:

    Hi, I have a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche, VIN # is 13GNEK13T53G145228. Can you please give me the part number as I am not able to program my key fobs. The programming cycle kicks in, but the FOBs won’t connect.

  10. Mario says:

    I have a vw polo of 2003 and when i bought the car it had only one simple key and a letter with this nr : 3D086875 ( idk for what is it ) however this key turn on the car and locks it but i want to buy a fliped remote key for my car but idk what the fob part number is . My Vin is VWVZZZ9NZ3D086875

    Thank You!!
    And Have a Blessed Day

  11. Ollie says:

    Hi guys! I’m looking for a key fob PN for my daughter’s 2014 Kia Optima , 2.4 LX
    VIN KNAGM4A70E5492509
    She needs a second key fob and I found a few different PN online.
    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delay in following up on this. We ran the VIN. Kia shows the part needed for your Optima is our part 086-6594. See it at the following link:
      Remotes Unlimited part 086-6594 for 2014-15 Kia Optima

      We have both new and pre-owned parts in stock. As you can see from the part listing on our website, we offer new parts for $129.00. Our price for a good-condition pre-owned part is $49. Pre-owned transmitters are cleaned, tested and given a new battery. These parts cannot be purchased on the website at this time, but you can place an order through our call center if you like. You can reach us at 281-820-0300 (or toll-free in the US at 877-719-1900). Press 2 for sales when the automated attendant answers.

      In order for a transmitter to work with the system in your vehicle, programming with a computer “scan” tool is required. Both Kia dealers and automotive locksmiths should have this tool and be able to program your new remote. They do charge for this service. We recommend calling a few service providers to compare pricing because some charge an exorbitant fee for this service.

      We sell the transmitters without a replacement key blade because most people are able to transfer the cut blade from their old remote. However, we also have a replacement uncut key blade available for this part – part number KBI-086-09. If you need a new key blade cut for your vehicle, the dealer or locksmith programming the transmitter should also be able to provide key cutting service (again, for a fee). If you are planning to transfer a pre-cut blade, we recommend that you contact our tech support experts for a description of that process and the tools you may need.

      I hope this is helpful.

  12. Rick says:

    I have a 2002 Silverado. I’m pretty sure there were 2 different part numbers depending on the date if manufacture. Here is my VIN: 1GCEK19T72Z188792


    • admin says:

      2002 GM trucks all used a 3-button remote with FCC ID KOBLEAR1XT. The GM part number for this part is 15042968. It is our part 514-1514, which you can see at the following link:
      2002 Chevy Silverado Remote

      2001 is the model year for which GM used two different systems on trucks. In that year, fobs may have FCC ID KOBUT1BT or KOBLEAR1XT, and they are not interchangeable.

  13. Sue says:

    Hi I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe AWD and would like to know the PN for the keyless remote.
    Thank you

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