OEM Part Numbers for Keyfobs and other Automotive Remote Controls

One of the reference numbers that appears on many automotive remote controls – for both factory keyless entry and aftermarket alarm systems – is the part number assigned to it by the original equipment (OE) manufacturer.  If you have an existing part and are uncertain about how to specify the correct replacement part on the Remotes Unlimited website or at an auto parts store, look at your original remote and see if there is manufacturer’s part number on it.  Many remotes have an OE part number on the back of the case.

OE part numbers come in different forms depending on the manufacturer.  Ford uses both letters and digits in their part numbers, such as 2L3Z-15K601-AA.  GM uses 8 digits with no hyphen or spaces.  Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai all use 10 alphanumeric characters with five on each side of a separating hyphen.  Many aftermarket alarm system part numbers are much shorter, such as 4 digits followed by a letter for many DEI remotes and as few as three digits for Omega.

If your vehicle is equipped with a factory keyless entry system and you want to know the OE part number of your remote to make sure you get the correct replacement part, you can always call your dealership, give them your VIN and ask them to look it up for you.

One cautionary note, however:  auto manufacturers change OE part numbers frequently.  We know of some factory keyless entry remotes that have more than 5 different part numbers for an identical part.  So, just because a replacement part has a different OE part number does not mean it is not the correct part.  Also, some compatible parts may have different OE part numbers because of very slight cosmetic differences – such as the rear function button icon.  Sometimes, one of these compatible parts with a different OE part number may work with your system and be much less expensive.  So always seek help from an expert when you are replacing your automotive remote control.

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