Old Aftermarket Alarm System Remotes

The alarm system world is littered with defunct car alarm system manufacturers. The companies that made MartianIT, Fox, Raptor, Gator, Stealth, Black Max, and countless other alarm systems no longer exist. In addition to the companies that are out of business, many other companies, such as Radio Shack, have thrown products into the ring and then abandoned them. If you happen to have a system for one of these dead or forgotten brands, the good news is that you may still be able to get a replacement remote control to operate it. Many of these systems used fixed code transmitters and, if you have a working remote, the transmitter’s signal can probably be cloned onto a new remote. But, if you are in this situation and plan to keep your car for a year or two longer, you should buy the replacement remote now because once it fails to transmit a signal, you will be out of options.

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