Prestige/Audiovox Remote Key Fob with FCC ID ELVAT0C

Remotes Unlimited is back from a long and much-needed blogging vacation. Ready to share more knowledge about remote transmitters.

Audiovox marketed two 4-button remote transmitters with FCC ID ELVAT0C for Prestige and other alarm/remote start systems. These parts are interchangeable – the only difference is their case and button icons. Neither part is made any longer, but Voxx (Audiovox’s parent company) does still make other keyfobs that will work as a replacement for the discontinued remotes.

Remotes Unlimited sells gently used (B-grade) ELVAT0C remotes and also the new replacement parts. You can select your original remote at the link below and then see both B-grade and new replacement options.

Audiovox Remotes with FCC ID ELVAT0C

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