Price Rollback on Replacement Toyota Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs

Maybe Toyota finally got the message that they were gouging their customers by charging $140.00 for a keyfob remote that costs them less than $5 to make. After years of being one of the car and truck manufacturers with the highest dealer list price on its replacement remote transmitters, Toyota finally lowered prices by about 25%. Don’t get me wrong, their prices are still way out of line . . . still 20-75% above many GM and Ford remotes.

Remotes Unlimited offers most Toyota remotes for sale at below the dealer list price. Many are well below dealer list. Search for the remote you need by the MMY (Make-Model_Year) of your vehicle, by the FCC ID that appears on the back of the case or by the OE part number. The most common FCC IDs on key fobs for Toyota cars and trucks sold over the past 15 years are GQ43VT14T, GQ43VT20T, HYQ12BAN, HYQ12BBX and HYQ1512Y.

One good thing about replacement Toyota keyfob remotes is that they are all user programmable.

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