Programming a Honda Remote-Head Key (aka “Keyhead” Remote)

We have many customers who need a replacement part for their Honda remote-head key because the remote transmitter no longer works. In some cases, it is possible to replace the transmitter and program it without needing help from a dealership or automotive locksmith.

What makes this possible is that, in several of the most common Honda keyhead parts, the transponder for the anti-theft features of the vehicle is placed in a slot in the case, separate from the transmitter sub-assembly. For these parts, if one needs to replace a non-working transmitter, he or she can buy a new part and then just move the transmitter component from the new part to the old part. In that way, the original key features (blade and transponder) are preserved. The new transmitter is user programmable with the working key, so a customer would not need programming assistance from a third party.

An example of this situation is Remotes Unlimited part 637-1637, used on 2003 2004 2005 2006 and 2007 Honda Accord vehicles.

If you do this, we suggest you keep the remainder of your new keyhead part for the future. If you ever break the blade on your old key, you can move the transmitter component back into the new case and use that part.

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