Programming Chrysler “Peanut-Shaped” Remote Transmitters

We have received some questions recently about programming of the “peanut-shaped” remotes used on many Chrysler vehicles from the late 1990’s through the mid 2000s. These are keyfob remotes with FCC IDs such as GQ43VT9T, GQ43VT13T, GQ43VT17T, and GQ43VT18T.

These parts are user programmable, but in a different manner than many remote transmitters. Most keyfob remotes that are user programmable require a working key in the ignition to enter programming mode. The systems Chrysler installed that use these remotes instead require that you have a working remote in order to enter programming mode. Unfortunately, if your only remote is broken or lost, a scan tool is required to put the system into programming mode. Go figure . . . it does not make sense to me that you would need a working part to program the new part, but such consumer-unfriendly thinking is not that unusual in the automotive industry.

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