Remote Transmitters with FCC ID EZSDEI7701

Remotes Unlimited is aware of 5 two-way LCD remote transceivers with FCC ID EZSDEI7701. To our knowledge, only two of these keyfobs are still being manufactured.

EZSDEI7701 remotes carrying the UNGO or ASTROSTART brand are unique, and cannot be replaced by any other two-way keyfob. We have been out of stock on the UNGO transceiver for some time. We do stock the ASTROSTART remote (HST-5224) as our part 073-7410, which you can see and purchase at the following link:
AstroStart remote 073-7410

The other three EZSDEI7701 remotes – on DEI models with the brand CLIFFORD, PYTHON or VIPER – are all interchangeable. They contain the same circuit board despite differences in external cosmetic features. Only the VIPER brand part is still made. It is our part 889-1889. These DEI-brand systems also accept a 1-way companion transmitter. Remotes Unlimited offers the Clifford brand remote (our part 934-1934). You can see and purchase these keyfobs at the following link:
Viper remote 889-1889

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