Remotes Unlimited Unveils New 2-Part Hanging/Countertop Display

Remotes Unlimited recently announced a compact new display for use in Auto Parts chains, locksmiths, hardware stores, general merchants and other retail outlets where consumers might want to buy a replacement factory keyless entry remote control transmitter. The display is less than 10″ wide, 3-3/4″ deep, and 5-1/2″ high. It can hang on two hooks spaced 4″ apart or sit on a countertop. For hanging, the hooks need only be 2″ deep.

The display is intended to hold the two fastest selling replacement remotes – Ford’s common 3-button and 4-button key fobs that were used for more than a dozen years on almost every Ford, Lincoln and Mercury truck, sedan, SUV and van. The display is sold for $216.00 with 4 of each of the Ford parts, effectively a cost of $27.00 per part. The two Ford parts have a dealer list price of $55.71 each and Remotes Unlimited suggests a retail selling price of $44.99 each, a 40% gross margin.

See the display at this link.

For businesses interested in offering their customers a full line of replacement remote controls, visit the Remotes Unlimited Premier Partner home page to learn about the company’s program for wholesale customers. Simply click on the link below or paste it into your browser.

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